Sarah Cann

How I Get 2x Healthy Poops A Day

I used to think 1x poop a day was good and regular. I thought that was serving me well for many decades but I've had plenty of ups and downs with my health over those decades.

As women, we are regular when we're pooping 1-3x times a day as this is the main way we clear excess oestrogen. And by doing this we have a much happier tummy and body overall.

I've noticed the difference of going from 1x a day to 2x a day in my overall health, my tummy, my lower back pain (gone!), as well as my energy levels and internal balance.

Here are my top 3 tips for having a happier tummy. There's more I do than this of course so let's connect if you'd like my complete, easy to implement, happy tummy routine...