I Help Transform Lives

My desire for more integration and wellness in my body got laser focused about 10 years ago. 2010 was the year I was diagnosed with endometriosis and the year that turned out to be an annus horribilis with the traumatic loss of my mother to aggressive leukaemia. 

A couple of years prior, I'd begun more intentional soul care and rewriting the harsh paternal voice I’d come to associate with the Triune God. This began a deep inner healing, realignment, the renewal of my mind and a deep remembering of my true identity. It’s also breathed life into many places of my integrated being that were shutdown from years of spiritual and emotional abuse.

Every year since I’ve had plenty of reasons to continue to go deeper and actively participate in receiving more freedom within my integrated being so that I can bring more life to those around me and experience more intimacy with the Triune God. 

I’ve embraced a holistic healthier lifestyle to combat endometriosis naturally and it’s paid off. My eldest child was born prematurely (12 weeks early! and he came home 1 month before his due date) and two years later had some major gut health issues, which again had I known what I know now, that wouldn’t have happened.
With my second child on the way, I sought counselling, upgraded my knowledge and utilised a process I’m trained in - Aroma Freedom - to have an active and empowering labor second time around. 

This counselling and Aroma Freedom also helped bring more healing and freedom to those places in me still affected by paternal spiritual and emotional abuse and unknown deeply held beliefs I had about a range of things, including the inner resistance to my desire for a successful home-based business.

I’ve had the odd endometriosis flareups during the last couple of years following the birth of my second child, but I bounce back fast and stay on top when I follow my holistic approach. Added bonus: no more brain fog, daily lower back pain, bloating, pain at that time of the month, untamed foreign emotions etc! And having children and pursuing my dreams brings plenty more growth and healing opportunities to the younger places in me too!

I’m on a mission to help a whole lot of families break free and empower themselves with the knowledge and resources I’ve worked so hard to 

get myself.

I’d love to help you experience less resistance to your personal, professional and financial goals too. Let's connect.



Kendra came to me with a financial goal in mind and a desire to achieve this with grace and ease. 

Low frequency thoughts around worthiness and hurtful memories from the past came to mind for her during her Aroma Freedom Session with me. 

During the process she realised she had been giving her power away in this area of her life due to past experiences and beliefs she'd been taught about money.