Doctors of the Soul
Did you know the first psychologists were considered ‘Doctors of the Soul’? 
The word Psychology comes from the Greek roots Psyche (soul, mind, spirit) and Logos (knowledge - represent a subject through thought and experience).
And something else you might not know is that in the German language, Essential Oils are called Ethereal Oils because they are thought to contain the ‘life force’ of the plant - the ‘soul’ - that part that animates the otherwise dead matter.
“As much as modern materialistic medical science has rejected the concept of the soul, it cannot otherwise account for what gives life to a body. 
[Without going into too much chemistry here], an essential oil can be thought to carry the ‘soul’ of the plant, and it is this quality that most directly affects the human soul, or psych,” Dr Benjamin Perkus, Licensed Psychologist.
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