How to Transform Your Water and Transform Your Life - Our Story - Part 1

I often get asked about our water ‘filter’ or asked for advice on how to choose a water filter so I thought I'd share a little with you here about why we chose the one we did. You see, we’ve been on a long, hard journey with gut health and hydration in our family - particularly for our now 5 year old son.

A couple of years ago we were getting no real lasting solutions for an issue my son was dealing with for close to 12 months! Talk about exhausting.

It was all triggered by a dreadful gastro bug. And granted, my son’s gut health was obviously not at its peak in order for him to be affected by a gastro bug in the first place.

Thus, 2018 became our year for an even deeper dive into digestive and gut health.

We went to the GP, a naturopath and then a nutritionist and gut health specialist.

We accommodated a very restricted diet, included a range of nutritional supplements in his diet and saw some improvement, but my son’s hair wasn’t growing over a period of a few months and when he had an episode in his underpants (most days), he would also have an outbreak on his skin. Something was not right at all; he was not a picture of health for a 2-3 year old.

Even though we saw some improvement some days, we didn’t seem to be getting a proper handle on what was actually going on and no-one really had the right term for what it was that our son was struggling with. This wasn’t simply a toilet training issue or diarrhoea. And to make matters worse, he then caught another gastro bug within the space of a few months, which made bathroom trips even less desirable for him afterwards!

Long story short, we went back to our GP and finally was able to see a gastro specialist. This revealed what he was actually dealing with was constipation and hard stools not passing, which were resulting in an uncontrollable oily discharge! The solution we were told was that he needed a laxative and that he would be quite fine to take it for the rest of his life if necessary. Hmm…

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