Part 2 - How to Transform Your Water and Transform Your Life - Our Story

We did the laxative thing for a while - probably about 6 months. It was helpful at first like all the other things we’d tried, but it certainly was not providing the quality of life my son was used to. It was just a patch to the problem. 

After 6 months, I decided to go cold turkey on the laxative and followed my gut instinct - putting into practice some extra pieces of wellness breadcrumbs I’d picked up along the way that year from my wellness community, other holistic health sources and the nutritionist/gut health specialist we’d been working with too.

At the very top of my gut health protocol for my son was, and still is, adequate water intake. Tailored to him and his lifestyle  And what do you know, we started to see immediate improvement and sustained digestive and gut health for our son !! 

I still can’t believe not one of the practitioners we'd discussed our son’s issue with asked us about how much water he was drinking each day, nor the quality of that water. It still blows my mind! 

Had I of known that children lose 8 cups of water per day and that water is the number one priority when it comes to gut health, I’d have started addressing my son’s daily water consumption much, much sooner.

Don’t get me wrong, he was drinking water before and whilst this was all going on. But, we were letting him dictate how much water he was drinking and it wasn’t nearly enough.

Plus, it wasn't as clean as it could have been either and often that's a stumbling block to enjoying drinking the right amount of water for your body....


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