How do you care for your emotions?
“Your emotions are a signal to you to ‘solve the problem’ - right the wrong, grieve the loss, make the connection etc. However, when your emotions are overwhelming or when they are out of proportion to what is currently happening in your life, that is likely a sign that something from the past is being triggered,” Dr Benjamin Perkus, Lincensed Psychology and Creator of Aroma Freedom.
We carry our past around with us in the form of images, feelings, thoughts and beliefs. Many times these are not conscious but they colour our present experiences. How we resolve those experiences - especially the emotions associated - is key.
“When we experience a painful situation and we are unable to express and resolve the painful emotion, it remains ‘stuck’. When the emotional expression leads to a successful resolution, however, then there is a different type of learning that takes place……We are hard-wired to learn from our experiences, and we form ideas and beliefs about ourselves from those experiences,” Dr Perkus.
Our mind is where thoughts and feelings originate, so we get to choose what we think about which in turn affects our emotions. 
“Our emotional balance can be disrupted by unresolved memories, thoughts and feelings from earlier experiences. 
With Aroma Freedom, we can gently and quickly disrupt stressful memory complexes with essential oils by smelling them at the right time in the process.
“In this way, painful memories can become integrated and the negative thoughts related to them can be transformed into less distressing or even positive thoughts,” Dr Perkus.
Aroma Freedom can be powerful when there’s a memory that’s bothering or haunting you - keeping you up at night, causing you to obsess over or feel victimised by. The technique used in these situations is known as the Memory Resolution Technique (MRT). MRT is a simple and gentle way which may quickly have you feeling freer than you have in years. 
The use of essential oils for emotional conditions goes back thousands of years, and has been the realm of priests, shamans, medicine men and women, and folk-healers throughout history.
Aroma Freedom is a proven method of combining pure therapeutic-grade essential oils with established psychotherapy practices to enhance deep emotional release and gentle re-configuring of thoughts, feelings and beliefs.
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