Confidence or Meekness?

Confidence or Meekness?
Do you approach every day and everything you do with confidence or meekness?
Your self-image will largely determine which experiences you will seek out and which ones you will avoid.
Aroma Freedom helps us to re-program our limiting beliefs in order to - with effect - re-shape our subconscious beliefs to conform more closely with our consciously held goals and ideals.
We can reprogram our brain so that it can work for us rather than against us.
Aroma Freedom will help you overcome your inner resistance by quickly identifying and letting go of thoughts and feelings that are not in alignment with your heartfelt intentions.
“Aroma Freedom is a process that can be used daily and helps you remain focused on the steps you need to do everyday as part of realising your dream and living a rewarding, meaningful life.
You must remember that your subconscious mind will be guiding you based on the programming that is currently active. Keep reprogramming [a.k.a renewing] your mind daily,” Dr Benjamin Perkus, Lincensed Psychology and Creator of Aroma Freedom.
At the end of each in-person Aroma Freedom session, you’ll be given a little jar of a specific essential oil blend to take with you and use for the next 3 days to assist you in reprogramming your mind on the daily. 
This process is helping you to create those new neural pathways that you desire!
I'll also check-in with you to see how you’re going with it.
And then when you’re ready to tackle your next intention/goal or resolve a troubling memory, you simply book your next Freedom Session with me.
Aroma Freedom is a proven method of combining pure therapeutic-grade essential oils with established psychotherapy practices to enhance deep emotional release and gentle re-configuring of thoughts, feelings and beliefs.
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